Outlook 2010 64 bit does not synch with Blackberry

I suppose it is not with total surprise that I came to find that my new Blackberry Torch cannot synch with a 64 bit version of Microsoft Outlook, but in researching a solution it did become apparent that this 64 bit version of Outlook is not quite ready because it is not able to synch with anything, including the built in Windows Mobile Synch Center. Further adding to this frustration is the fact that I had to not only uninstall Outlook and Office 2010, but ALL 64 bit programs on my computer. Appears once you go down a path of using even one 64 bit Microsoft program you are committed and cannot mix 32 and 64 bit programs. Microsoft Project, Visio, Office, Sharepoint and other programs all fall under this umbrella.

After nearly an hour of uniunstalling all these programs and re-installing their 32 bit equivalent I am fine and my Blackberry and other devices now synch properly. I did need to install the newest Blackberry Desktop manager to synch on Windows 7 but that is assumed that you always want to run the latest software whenever possible. The newest Blackberry install CD even takes you to their website to download the software instead of installing direct from CD. Good call as that ensures customers are always getting the latest version from the start.

So consider yourself warned if you decide to pursue 64 bit version of Microsoft software. You will not be able to synch or collaborate data with other 32 bit applications and will need to wait for proper 64 bit versions of those applications which at this time may still be another 6 months off according to RIM and other manufacturers. Why Microsoft does not yet have a 64 bit functioning version of Mobile commuinication center is beyond me but in a company that big it is apparent not all software divisions are on the same page, even after a year fo Windows 7 being available in 64 bit edition.

From my use of both the 32 and 64 bit versions of the programs I cannot say I found any difference at all. Loading large Access databases or Word documents took the same amount of time, and I might say that Access 2010 64 bit was actually slower than the 32 bit version when it came to large Access databases. That could simply be my hardware configuration but I am running true 64 bit hardware with a Quad core Intel CPU and Windows 7 64 bit edition.

With the 32 bit versions of Office and other software installed I am not having any issues and my Blackberry synch’s up like a dream. We are not quite to true 64 bit systems and I know we are still facing an uphill challenge to get software and hardware developers to port everything over to 64 bit versions. Remember the switch from Windows 3 to Windows 95? It took us nearly 10 years until well into Windows XP life cycle before we finally were free of all those slow and unstable 16 bit applications :-)

Happy Blackberry’ing y’all :-) Brad